$150.00 USD

Book Coaching Discovery Session with Heather

Are you ready to finally write that novel that's been living in your heart? 

Is this YOUR year? 

What you'll get:

  • Chat with a me (a certified and experienced book coach) about your goals, strengths, and obstacles.
  • Have your first 5 pages professionally reviewed and critiqued.
  • Get my BEST advice to make your prose and plot shine!

Together we will decide if ongoing book coaching is right for you and your novel. 

What People Are Saying:

I couldn't be happier with the approach that Heather took with me when I was looking for book coaching for my romantic-tragedy novel. Her knowledge, expertise, helpfulness, and creativity were indispensable in getting me out of a creative rut and cut to the heart of my story. She has a deep understanding of character motivation and backstory and her open-ended questions helped me resolve plot logic and come up with further plot points without losing the core of what I wanted to say. Heather was there to provide much-needed encouragement and inspiration that had allowed me to fall in love with my story all over again. I'll carry her thoughtful, considered approach with me for whatever lies ahead, and I am grateful for her passion, intuition, and support. I made more progress during our first video conference call than I had in the previous 18 months!

Stuart Wakefield